Four Tips To Help You Deal With Fungus And Stains On Roofing In Wet Climates

If you live in an area that gets high amounts of rainfall, fungus and stains on your roofing can be a problem. It can eventually cause shingles to degrade and need to be replaced. This problem can be fixed by using a few tricks and doing simple maintenance to your roof. Here are some things that you can do to combat problems with fungus and stains on your roof:

1. Lightly Cleaning The Roof With Mild Bleach Solution

Before a problem of fungal growth on your roof gets too bad, you can clean it. A light solution of bleach and water can be a good way to kill moss and clean your roof. Apply the cleaning mixture and let it sit for a few hours before hosing it off.  For shakes, you can use a broom to brush off the fungus. If you have asphalt shingles, you will want to just use a garden hose to remove the bleach because scrubbing the shingles can cause damage.

2. Using Zinc Strips At The Top Of A Roof To Prevent Fungal Growth

Zinc strips are a great way to deter the growth of moss on your roof. You can nail them beneath the ridge shingles at the top of the roof. This will cause the zinc to slowly leach down the roof when it rains and prevent fungus from growing on the roof. This can be done for any type of roofing materials that are prone to fungus growth, such as shingles and wood shakes.

3. Using Metal Flashing To Inhibit The Growth Of Moss In Areas With Excess Moisture

Metal flashing can also be a good way to prevent fungal growth on your roof. Zinc is too soft to use for this, but other materials can be a good choice, such as copper or aluminum. The flashing can even have a zinc coating on it. This can be done for valleys and any areas of your roof where there is excessive runoff that can cause fungus to grow.

4. Trimming Trees And Reducing Shade To Prevent Fungal Growth On The Roof

Trees and shade provide the perfect conditions for moss to grow on your roof. It is a good idea to trim trees back to allow sunlight to reach the roof and prevent moss growth. This can also help to extend the life of your roof by keeping debris from trees off your roof. If there are shaded areas where trees cannot be trimmed, consider adding zinc strips to the roof in these areas.

With the right care and maintenance, you can prevent much of the fungus and stain problems that roofs in wet climates often face. If you need help with repairs, replacement and improvements to your roof, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about some of the things that can be done to prevent fungus growth on your roof. For more information, contact a business such as Pyramid Roofing Inc.