How To Repair Fascia On Flat Roofs

One of the most defining features of a flat roof line is the fascia. No matter how new your roof material is, it will not look brand new if the fascia boards are faded or dull. Painting your fascia boards the same color as the trim and frames around your home is a great way to give your exterior a greater sense of style. This article will explain how to repair and paint wooden fascia boards to give your roof a little facelift.

Preparing the Fascia

Most fascia will show some obvious signs of aging caused by water damage and sun exposure. The first step to ameliorating this is making the wood smooth. You should use a basic vibrating electric sander to smooth out the wood. For exterior surfaces you probably need sandpaper with grit between 200 and 300. Do not try to remove all of the old paint from the board. Instead, just knock off any hard edges or rough spots. If the fascia feels as it is more or less consistently smooth, it is ready to be painted. Be warned, sanding can be difficult because you need to keep your arms lifted above your head for hours at a time. This can be strenuous on your arms, neck and back.

Painting the Fascia

Painting fascia will be much less taxing than sanding because you do not need to handle a heavy electric sander. If your fascia is less that 6" wide, it is easiest to just use a paint brush. If it is any wider, you can consider using a small paint roller to speed up the process. Using a roller makes it easier to get paint coverage, but harder to cut out around the edges of the roof. In the end, you will need to use a paint brush to cut around the edges anyway. But, you can use the roller to paint 90% of the fascia surface. Instead of taping off your roof line, you should just try to freehand when you cut out. The line does not need to be perfectly straight because the roof line is so high and hard to see. Nobody will notice any imperfections unless they get up on a ladder.

As you can see, painting your fascia board is not all that difficult. In fact, the hardest aspect is just trying to do the work from the top of a ladder. The job will be much safer if you rent a small scaffolding system (or call a company like West Plains Roofing).