Building A New Home? Why You Should Install Composite Roofing

Deciding on the roofing materials for your new home is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. The material that you use for your house can either be durable and strong, or prove to be a "lemon" that costs you more money in the long run. One great roofing material option that you should consider is composite roofing. Composite roofing is made up of a fiberglass mat core that is covered in asphalt. Learning more about the benefits of choosing composite roofing can help you determine if it is the right choice for your new abode.

Composite Roofing Is Very Lightweight

One of the most compelling reasons why composite roofing is such a great choice is because it is extremely lightweight.  This is critical for many different reasons:

  • If you choose a heavy material for your roof, such as steel, it will require additional reinforcements in both the siding and foundation. This increases the total price of your new house and could put you over your budget. Composite roofing is both strong and lightweight, so you won't need additional support structures in order to get it erected.
  • Selecting a heavier roofing material could prove to be a mistake because you must also factor in the additional weight of snow, ice and tree branches. If your roof is already heavy to begin with, and snow or ice begins to accumulate on top of your home, you may find cracks appearing in your walls because the structure of the home is not sound enough to support a heavy roof that is being weighted down with foreign materials.

Composite Roofing Is Fully Customizable

Another reason why composite roofing is such a wise choice when you're building a new home is because it is fully customizable. Unlike other roofing materials that are only available in the standard gray or black, composite roofing shingles can be painted or dyed to match virtually any color scheme. This can help your home stand out from the pack, and could go a long way toward ensuring that if you ever wish to place your home on the market, it will have the curb appeal that it needs to appeal to the largest number of consumers.

Making the right roofing choice when you're initially building your home is the key to a greater amount of satisfaction down the line. When you're constructing your new home, use this information to help you decide if composite roofing is right for your home.