An Introduction To Green Roofs For Businesses

As a business owner, saving money and capturing the attention of the public are probably high on your priority list. If you're looking for an interesting way to achieve both, look to your roof. Replacing your existing roof with a green roof can help you achieve both of the aforementioned goals and provides several other benefits as well. Here's an introduction to this non-traditional roof and a look at how it can greatly enhance your business. 

What is a Green Roof?

You've heard the word 'green' used to describe virtually everything -- from shopping (using reusable bags instead of plastic or paper) to repurposing old household items into something new; however, when it comes to a roof, going 'green' may be something that leaves you scratching your head.

So, what exactly is a green roof? It is a roof that is covered with various types of vegetation. Essentially, if you chose to switch out your traditional roof for a green roof, you would have a rooftop garden. It can consist of a thin layer of grass and moss, or can include shrubs, trees, and other plants. Green roofs are not limited to one type of building, as green roofs can be installed on various types of structures, including factories and residences. While the initial cost of installation might be high, the long term benefits of a green roof can offset those costs.  

Benefits of a Green Roof

A green roof provides many benefits. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • A reduction in the amount of energy that your business consumes, as the green materials will insulate the structure and absorb heat, thus reducing your need to rely on heating and cooling systems.
  • A reduction in stormwater runoff, which helps to eliminate some of the load that drainage systems have to bear, helping to prevent flooding.
  • A reduction in the greenhouse emissions that your business creates, as the green materials can filter and purify pollutants that your business may create.
  • An increase in business. A green roof has the ability to capture attention, which could make the general public more interested in your business, thus offering the potential to increase your success.

If switching to a green roof for your commercial building and reaping all of these benefits is something that you are interested in for your business, a professional commercial roofing company that is experienced with green roofs could help to completely change your business for the better. Consider contacting a professional like Osmus Roofing