What Kind Of Asphalt Your Roof Is Made Of And Why It Matters

A lot of the houses that you see around you look really similar to each other. Despite their similar appearances, however, each of those houses may have different lifespans. This lifespan discrepancy is due largely to the difference in materials used to build each of the houses; particularly the roof. The material composition of your roof could make all the difference between a safe, comfortable home and one that lacks in both safety and comfort.  

The asphalt that goes into paving a lot of your city's streets is the same substance used to make one of the most commonly used roofing materials. If your roof is black, or otherwise darkly colored, and is covered with what looks like gravel, then chances are your roof is covered with asphalt products. With the following guide, you'll be able to tell what material your roof is made from and what that means for your home's curb appeal and safety.

Three-Tab Shingles--This type of asphalt roof is almost always black or grey, and is invariably the flattest of the three. These shingles are often arranged in a brick-like pattern, and are very cheap to have installed.

Architectural Shingles--These sturdier shingles have a slightly higher profile than three-tab shingles. Shingles with a higher profile are thicker than those with a lower profile. Having a roof with a higher profile will help make the roof appear much larger and more dynamic than three-tab shingles, which will improve your home's curb appeal.

Architectural shingles are becoming increasingly popular in subdivisions because they add a lot of distinction from the cheaper three-tab shingles without costing all that much more. Visually, architectural shingles are made of small, overlapping rectangles, which give the roof a more dynamic appearance, and also produces an illusion that the roof is bigger than it actually is.

Designer Shingles--Also known as luxury shingles, designer asphalt shingles are made with several layers of fiberglass mats, each separated by a layer of asphalt. This makes the shingles to present a much higher profile on the roof than the previous two products, adding character and prominence to your roof and home.

As most homes these days are being roofed with asphalt products, it's easy to think that all roofs are essentially the same. Equipped with this knowledge, though, you can now assess the quality of your roof and determine how much longer your roof is likely to last. For more information, contact a company like Suncastle Roofing Inc.