Sensible And Smart Choices When It Comes To Replacing Your Roofing

Try some inventive and sensible choices when you replace your roofing, and there are many alluring options available widely. Not only do these take an environmentally-friendly approach to roofing refurbishment, but these strategies also provide a durable roof that will bring style and longevity to your home. Talk with contractors about contemporary solutions that are kind to the environment, and that fit within your project budget. 

Think about these environmentally-friendly alternatives:

Recycled roofing.

When looking at eco-friendly options, recycled roofing materials make good sense. Recycled shingles are typically made from composites comprised of plastic, wood, rubber, and other recycled matter, which makes them easy on the landfills. Investing in salvaged metal roofing is also a prudent solution helping lower energy costs with light reflection and a long life of around 35 years.

Sustainable wood products.

Sustainable wood shingles are a fire-safe alternative to cedar shakes, and they are made from recycled wood and wood products. These often resemble the look of cedar but are treated to be fire-resistant. This makes them an appealing alternative when buyers want to invest in the aesthetic appeal of wood roofing systems.

Natural clay.

Clay tile brings a European look to the property, and it also can curb heating and cooling costs by providing additional insulated materials to your home's roof. Clay tile is heavy and usually requires professional installation, but consumers may be able to find salvaged clay tile which can lower the overall costs of these roofs.

Living roofs.

A living roof is an intriguing concept that many urban developers are embracing to expand their green space while also curbing utility costs. The important thing to remember before you decide to put sod, plant life, and moisture on top of your home is that the roof will likely need reinforcement to withstand the weight. These provide a great aesthetic that is natural and alluring while also providing a great spot for gardens and foliage to thrive.

Rolls of roofing.

A new roofing option is the single-ply roofing rolls that can be unrolled and spread out over your roof. This material looks a lot like plastic but is made from oils, natural gas, and other additives to create a versatile, easy-to-use roofing material that is recyclable.

With many alternative options available, it makes good sense to look at roofing materials that are kinder to the environment. The other perks of these projects is that many new forms of roofing products will actually save you money, in the form of reduced energy costs for your home. Talk with roofing company contractors and retailers about roofing options that fit your budget, and that make a step toward sustainability in an eco-friendly way.