Is Your Roof Safe For Santa?

Santa must navigate many roofs on his annual delivery route, so everyone must do their best to ensure that their roof is safe for a rotund man, several hundred pounds of reindeer, and a sleigh full of gifts. 

As you inspect your roof, you should look for the following issues:

Broken, loose, missing,or worn roof tiles

Besides being a slip and fall hazard for Santa, compromised roof tiles allow water to enter the home. This is even more of an issue in winter, when water can freeze inside a hole or crevice in the roof, expanding it and creating an even larger opening.

Broken, loose, or missing tiles are more obvious, and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Worn tiles, on the other hand, may be consistently worn across the expanse of the roof, and may not be as noticeable.

When tiles become worn, their colors become faded from degradation from sun, wind, rain, and snow. Asphalt tiles will also decompose slowly, and leave asphalt particles in your rain gutters. Accumulations of these granules may indicate the need for replacing all of your roof tiles.

Loose flashing

Flashing is the thin metal trim that is used to seal around roof edges and abutments such as chimneys. It can be torn loose by heavy winds, allowing water to enter your home. 

Loose flashing should be secured by roofing nails and sealed around the edges with roofing cement, which can be applied with a caulking gun or a can and brush. Flashing is very sharp along the edges, and roofing cement sticks to everything it touches, so gloves should be worn. 

Be sure to seal all edges completely, so wind and water cannot enter. Sealing the edges will also prevent Santa from tearing his red suit and providing a little "flashing" of his own.

Protruding or missing roofing nails

Temperature changes will cause roofing materials to expand and contract, which creates a "pop-up" effect on roofing nails. Protruding nails should be hammered into place and sealed with roofing cement to prevent further pop-up issues or possible leaks. Missing nails must be replaced and also sealed with roofing cement. 

Simple roof maintenance can save you money on extensive repairs to your home from water damage. Many local roofing companies offer roofing tune-up specials just before winter that cover many of the aforementioned issues. They know the importance of Santa's yearly visit, and want to keep him safe for many visits to come.

For more information, contact a company like GBS Enterprises Roofing.