Roofers And The Post Christmas Blues

When the ever increasing buildup of Christmas peaks then comes to a sudden halt after the big day, many people experience post-holiday blues, as life returns to normal and holiday bills start to arrive.

Nobody experiences more post-Christmas blues than your local roofing contractors. They must deal with the immediate aftermath of roof and gutter damage rendered by over-enthused homeowners who desire to have their Christmas lights to be bright enough to be visible from space, and attempt to adorn their roofs and gutters with every conceivable type of decoration. 

 Roof damage from holiday lights 

As homeowners secure strings of lights and pop culture figures with Santa hats onto their roofs with nails or screws, multiple entry points for water leaks are created. Roof tiles can be damaged or removed, or roof membranes punctured, by homeowners as they travel across their roofs to install decorations.

Adding heavy strands of icicle lights to gutters may be relatively harmless to well-maintained gutters, but if gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis, the added weight or stress can cause gutters to pull away from the exterior wall of the home.

This is bad during the heat of summer but is especially harmful as the freezing temperatures of winter maintain their icy grip for months after the lights have been removed. When gutters pull way from the wall or begin to say, water can enter behind them and freeze.   

Freezing amuses the water to expand, pushing the gutters farther away and damaging the fascia board to which they are attached. When the wood becomes compromised, gutter collapse or leaks can occur.

What will roofing contractors need to do to repair the damages?

A post-Christmas inspection will determine what needs to be done to repair any holiday damages.

Loose or broken tiles must be replaced or secured.

Tears in roof membranes can be repaired with a heat torch or roofing cement that is specially formulated for roof membranes.

Roofing nails or screws that are used to secure holiday light displays must be either made flush with the roof surface or removed, then roofing cement used to seal the holes.

Gutters must also be examined, and secured against exterior walls if loose or sagging. Gutter spikes (nails) will be replaced with gutter screws, which provide a firmer grip and are harder to pull free.

Roofers love the holiday season as much as anyone, but they can't help feeling a little bit of dread as the holidays wind to a close and they must repair the damages in the frigid winds of January.