3 Ways To Protect Your New Vinyl Siding

Installing new vinyl siding on your home comes at a big expense, but one well worth the investment. After you have the vinyl siding installed, you want to do everything possible to keep it looking as it does the first day. Here, you will find some tips that can help you protect your vinyl siding and keep it looking great.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

The trees and shrubs around your home must be trimmed anytime the branches begin to touch the side of your house. You want to keep a few inches of space between the branches and the house so that when the wind blows, the branches don't brush up against the siding.

Keeping the trees and shrubs trimmed back will also help with bird droppings. When birds nest in trees and shrubs, they leave messes behind and if the trees and shrubs are close to the siding, those messes can spread to the siding.

Lastly, mold and mildew is decreased because the sun is able to dry the siding to prevent growth. If the trees and shrubs are too close to the siding, the moisture will remain long enough for the mold and mildew spores to spread and grow.

Avoid Wood Mulch

Wood mulch can cause black specks all over your siding. These specks are mold spores that are shot out of artillery fungus. This type of fungus grows and thrives in old wood mulch. When the sun heats up the spores in the mulch, they explode and land on the surrounding surfaces.

Although the artillery fungus won't structurally damage your home, it will stain the vinyl siding even if you take the time to clean it several times a year.

If you insist on having mulch around your home, you have two options to avoid this mess – use artificial mulch or replace your mulch a couple times each year.

Move Your Grill

Don't ever use a grill anywhere near your siding. The smoke, grease and heat that comes from the grill will damage the siding quickly. Allow for several feet of space between your siding and your grill. If your space is limited and you must keep your grill near your home, consider having a back-splash made of stone or metal installed.

Talk with your local siding expert--like one from Lassiter Roofing Team--to learn more about protecting the investment of your new vinyl siding. Surely, he or she will have advice to ensure that your siding looks great for many years to come.