Three Great Benefits Of Green Roofs

One of the most radical innovations in the world of environmentally friendly roof design, green roofs can also be said to be one of the more aesthetially appealing ideas in the field. But what practical value would a green roof present to your house or business? Here are three ways in which a green roof can provide protection and other benefits that other roofing materials could only dream of.

1. Stormwater management

Stormwater can cause considerable pollution as it makes its way from city roofs to nearby waterways, carrying with it polluting chemicals, trash, and excess heat. A green roof system can improve the runoff from your roof in several ways:

  • First, it can absorb and use rainwater so less will end up as runoff.
  • Second, the plants and soil system filter water so that if you catch it in a rain barrel it won't need to have asphalt bits filtered out before you water your landscaping with it.
  • Third, it helps to insulate and shade your roof. Water won't pick up as much excess heat either from a sun-heated roof in summer or an internally heated roof in winter. 

2. Insulation and shade

The insulating and shading properties of a green roof can benefit you in a lot of other ways besides controlling stormwater runoff. For example, they can help you save money on AC system repairs because your roof will accumulate less extra heat from the sun. This makes your AC system's job easier, which can actually extend its lifespan. But in addition, you can save money on energy use as well becuse AC systems use such a high percentage of your energy monthly. Cool colored roofs can also help you save money on energy during the summer, but some people are concerned about conversely losing heat through these same cool roofs in the winter. If you're worried about this, a green roof may be for you. It'll insulate your roof in winter as well, helping to keep heat in.

3. Food potential

High-slope roofs usually require low-growing plants that can form root mats so they aren't washed away by storms, but if you have a low-slope roof you may be able to grow a rooftop garden. Flat roofs are best for this purpose. And in a rooftop garden, you can grow nearly any type of vegetable, as well as fruits, berries, herbs, and edible flowers.

These three benefits are just a few of the ways a green roof can help you live a more eco-friendly life. But as you may have noticed, some of the eco-friendly benefits can actually help you save money as well, which can help set off the cost of installing a green roof. If you are interested in a green roof, contact local roofing services