The Truth Behind Some Of Common Roofing Myths

Taking improper care of your home's roof can place your house at risk of suffering severe damages. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that are fairly uninformed and inexperienced when it comes to roofing matters. The following realities behind routine myths may prove useful in helping you keep your roof safe from routine damages.

Myth: You Only Need To Inspect Your Roof Once A Year

Annual roof inspections can be essential for locating damage before it has the chance to rot and worsen. Unfortunately, some homeowners may fail to realize that they should also inspect their roofs after any strong storms move through the area. Hail stones, strong winds, and torrential rains can damage the shingles on your roof. By performing a visual inspection after any particularly serious storms, you will be able to determine whether your roof needs to be professionally repaired.

Myth: Any Home Can Have Stone Or Ceramic Tiling As Roofing

Asphalt shingles can be among the more common materials used to cover roofs. However, these shingles can be damaged fairly easily, and they will need to be periodically replaced. For those wanting a roofing option that avoids these issues, stone or ceramic tiling can be an attractive option. Unfortunately, these roofing options are extremely heavy. Depending on the design and materials used in your home, the house may not be able to support this added weight without undergoing extensive modifications. For this reason, you will need to have your house inspected by a trained roofing professional to determine whether it can accommodate the weight of these tiles.

Myth: Gutters Are Not Necessary For Your Roof

The gutters are an essential feature for keeping your roof safe from water damage. If your house does not have gutters or if they become compromised, it is possible for water to start to back up on the roof. This prolonged exposure to moisture can cause premature rotting to occur. In order to keep the roof safe from this type of damage, you should make it a point to regularly clean the gutters so that water can easily flow off the roof.

Being informed about roofing issues can be essential for making informed choices when it comes to your home's needs. By understanding the need to inspect the roof after strong storms, that tile may not be suitable for all homes and the benefits of keeping the gutters properly maintained, you will be better positioned when it comes to addressing some of the roofing issues that your home may encounter. For more tips, contact a roof replacement contractor.