Four Ways To Save On A New Roof

Do you need a new roof but your budget is almost strained to the breaking point? If so, there are options. Putting off a replacement roof can just cost you more in the long run. The following tips can help make the roof more affordable, which will save you both now and in the future.

1. Get a Re-Roof

One way to save big is to have your shingle roof re-roofed. Re-roofing is the process of installing new shingles over the old. You won't have to pay to have the old shingles removed and disposed of, nor will you need to pay for new underlayment as the old shingles act as underlayment. Your old roof can't have any major defects if you want to re-roof, but some minor damage is okay. Also, keep in mind that a re-roof may not last as long as a complete replacement.

2. Schedule Off-Season

Summer is often the busiest and therefore the most expensive season to have a new roof installed. If you are willing to wait until fall or early winter, you can have a new roof installed for less simply because there is less demand on your roofer's time. Keep in mind, though, that seasonal delays are more likely when you are having a roof installed in the off-season. If your roof is badly damaged, putting off a repair could be a false economy if bad weather delays the replacement.

3. Choose Discontinued Materials

You may be able to save on the material cost, particularly with the shingles, if you aren't too picky. Choosing a discontinued color of shingle, for instance, often results in a discount. This is because people don't want to purchase the last of a color lot because they won't be able to get a match for any replacement. Another option is to choose small lots of varying discontinued or leftover shingles from other projects. The shingles may not match, but if you choose complementary colors you can still have an attractive roof at a major savings.

4. DIY Some of It

Doing some of the roofing yourself may save you money, as long as you know what you are doing. Common DIY jobs include removing and replacing the gutters or the trim work. If you have more experience, you may be able to save big by doing the teardown or post-installation cleanup on your own.

Contact a roofing contractor in your area for more help.