Work Your Home’s Roof May Need

The need to have roofing work done to your home can be a major and stressful experience for a person to go through. However, it is often essential for preserving the integrity of the house as well as preventing HVAC performance problems from developing.

Lack Of Roofing Insulation

If you are living in an older home, there is a strong chance that the roof may not have been given enough insulation at the time of its installation. This can result in the house losing much of its energy through drafts and convective heating through the roof. This will have the end result of substantially increasing the costs of running your home's HVAC systems while also reducing the comfort that you can enjoy while you are inside the home.

Moss Growing on The Roof's Exterior

Moss on the exterior of the roof is a problem that you should not underestimate. Over a long period of time, the moss can cause sizable damage to the roof of the home by trapping moisture, adding weight, attracting pests, and even releasing harmful wastes. Removing any moss from your roof is critical for avoiding rot and other damage that may require the entire roof of the home to be replaced. Removing the moss from the exterior of your roof can require specialized tools that are capable of washing the roof with enough force to remove the moss while still being gentle enough to avoid causing damage to the roof. In addition to removing moss, these cleaning services can also eliminate dirt and dust accumulations from the roof, which can create similar problems for the structure.

Gaps Between The Edges Of The Roof And The Home's Frame

As your roof ages, it can actually change its shape due to warping and contracting in response to the intense temperature swings that can occur and other harmful elements. This can lead to small gaps forming along the edge of the roof where it meets the frame of the house. These gaps can allow large drafts to form, and they can also let a number of pests into the home where they can cause further damage and problems. The options that are available to you for repairing this damage will vary depending on the extent of the warping that has occurred. In some cases, it may be possible to address these performance issues by using flashing or even caulk to close these openings. However, instances where this damage is extreme may require a total roof replacement.

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