Saving For A Drainy Day: Drainage Systems For Green Roofs

If you own a commercial building onto which you're installing a green roof, listen up: El Nino is looking more and more likely for the winter of 2015-2016, and that means a lot of rain in much of the country. If you are going to install a permanent green roof -- in other words, those plants are staying outside no matter what -- you must ensure that the drainage systems are working well. Read More 

Three Tips For Preventing Moss Growth On Your Roof

If you have cedar or asphalt shingles on your roof, then you may have a problem with moss. You might be willing to dismiss moss as a quaint addition, but this would be a mistake. The problem with moss is that it holds moisture against your roof and can, thus, promote decomposition. If you have moss on your roof, you need to remove it, but more importantly you need to ensure that it doesn't grow back. Read More 

Use The Roof On Your Home To Stay Cool

When the sun shines on your roof, it may raise the temperature in your home, which results in higher utility bills. Below are five ways you can cool your roof down so you can save some money. Cover the Roof You can replace the shingles on your roof with cool asphalt shingles. Cool asphalt shingles contain a granule coating that reflects the sun. This granule coating can be put on asphalt, metal, polymer, and wood shingles Read More 

Protect Your Shed’s Roof By Applying A Rubber Membrane Over It

Learn how to apply a rubber membrane over your shed's roof. A rubber membrane will prevent water from penetrating the roof, causing damage to any of the roofing materials. After finishing the project, follow some basic steps to keep the membrane maintained and looking great.  Use The Following Materials ladder bucket of mild detergent mixed with water long handled scrub brush water hose measuring tape rubber membrane scissors rubber adhesive paint roller and frame roller handle paint tray squeegee roofing nails nail gun Clean The Roof And Prepare The Membrane Read More 

Need A New Roof? 3 Roofing Options That Might Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Your roof is your building's main defense against harsh weather, and your insurance company knows it. They also know that if you have a better roof, you will be less likely to file a claim on your policy. For this reason, many insurance companies give discounts to business owners who choose to put a new roof on their building. However, not just any old roof will do. Insurance companies look at several factors when setting rates. Read More