Building A New Home? Why You Should Install Composite Roofing

Deciding on the roofing materials for your new home is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. The material that you use for your house can either be durable and strong, or prove to be a "lemon" that costs you more money in the long run. One great roofing material option that you should consider is composite roofing. Composite roofing is made up of a fiberglass mat core that is covered in asphalt. Read More 

Is A Metal Roof Right For Your Home?

Metal roofing is quickly becoming an option among homeowners. The advantages of a metal roof can make it a great investment if you are thinking about replacing your traditional roof. In the past decade, metal roofs have gained in popularity. While not all homeowners are sold on the idea of a metal roof, there are some great advantages to choosing it over other types. Some people prefer not to purchase a metal roof for their home because they can be so expensive. Read More 

Three Ways To Reduce Building Costs With Lightweight Roofing For Commercial Businesses

Asphalt roofing for commercial buildings is usually a heavy material. The structure needed to support these roofs and the cost of the materials can make commercial building more expensive. Modern commercial roofing materials can reduce the cost of building, as well as provide other benefits such as energy efficiency. There are also different types of lightweight commercial roofing, such as foam, EPDM membranes and layered roofing membranes. If you need to have an affordable roofing solution for commercial building, here are some materials that can help to reduce costs: Read More 

How Does Spray Foam Roofing Hold Up To Extreme Weather?

For flat and low-slope commercial roofs, spray polyurethane foam has gained a lot of traction. Many people are interested in it because of how energy-efficient it is – with the push toward greener design, foam roofing stands out as particularly eco-friendly. And it doesn't hurt that being energy-efficient saves money. But if you live in an area prone to high winds, severe storms, or hurricanes, none of that matters unless your roofing can withstand the elements. Read More 

How To Repair Fascia On Flat Roofs

One of the most defining features of a flat roof line is the fascia. No matter how new your roof material is, it will not look brand new if the fascia boards are faded or dull. Painting your fascia boards the same color as the trim and frames around your home is a great way to give your exterior a greater sense of style. This article will explain how to repair and paint wooden fascia boards to give your roof a little facelift. Read More