Three Things You May Want to Know about Wind Damage and Your Roofing

Wind damage can be a major problem for shingle roofs. You may think about blown off shingles when you think about roof damage, but sometimes it can be hidden. It may take a trained eye to spot things like torn shingles and other damages on your roof. This can happen to any roof, but it is common on roofs with low pitches in areas with high winds. If you think your roof may have been damaged by recent winds, here are some things that can help you spot the damage: Read More 

What To Do After The Storm: Three Tips For Spotting Wind Damage On Your Roof

A strong thunderstorm—or weather front—can produce high-speed and damaging winds. Even without rain or hail, a strong windstorm can produce enough wind to warrant a roof repair—or worse, replacement. After the storm ends, you must be vigilant and attempt to spot any damages. Here are three tips for spotting roof damage from a strong storm: 1. Walk the Perimeter of Your Home Once the storm has died down, put on a good pair of shoes and walk the perimeter of your home. Read More