Special Considerations When Choosing A Roof For A Chicago Style Bungalow

The Chicago Style Bungalow sprung up in that city during the 1920s and 1930s and combined the small, geometric floor plan of the Bungalow with some decorative elements of the Prairie architectural style that was popular at the time. Features of the Chicago Bungalow included numerous windows with decorative panes, elaborate or decorative doors, and brick siding. The homes are topped off with either a hipped or low-pitched gable roof that possibly has a dormer, which is a roofed architectural protrusion containing windows that extends the indoor living space. Read More 

What Does It Mean If Your Siding Gets Black Mold?

Mold growth on your home's siding can be dismaying as well as unattractive. The following FAQ will help you remove mold from your home's siding and prevent its growth in the future. What does it mean if your siding gets black mold? If mold is growing on your siding, this means that the conditions around your home are appropriate for mold growth. Mold likes to grow in damp, shady conditions. The presence of mold on your home's vinyl siding may also mean that your home's exterior has been exposed to mold through contaminated organic material, like mulch or a nearby diseased shrub. Read More 

Answering Questions About Preventing Common Types Of Roof Damage

The roof can be one of the easier parts of your home to take for granted. This can result in you being fairly poorly informed about the steps that should be taken to get the most from this part of the house. To help you be a better-informed homeowner when it comes to this part of the house, you should make sure to understand the answers to the following few question. Read More 

3 Synthetic Options To Give Your Home A Durable Finish With New Siding

If you are considering renovations for the exterior of your home this summer, siding may be one of the projects that you want to do. There are many choices of materials to replace the siding on your home. If you want to have a siding that is more maintenance-free, you may want to consider some of the synthetic options that require a minimal amount of maintenance. Here are a few of the options that you can choose from for a durable exterior with synthetic siding products: Read More 

How To Reduce The Cost Of Roofing Repairs By Doing Easy Prep Work Yourself

Regardless of how intensive the particular project, hiring a roofer is never an inexpensive affair. Yet you can help to keep your repair costs as low as possible by attending to some simple tasks before the roofing crew ever arrives. This article will present four things you can do to lower both the hours that your roofer spends on the job, and the price you end up paying. Clear your yard of unnecessary obstructions Read More