3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

If your home is suffering a leak or other damage to its roof, it may be tempting to hire the first roofing contractor that makes an offer. But fixing a roof is no small job, and something you should only have to do once. Even in an emergency, it pays to do your research. If you don't know where to start, take a look below at just a few questions you should ask before hiring a roofing contractor -- your home and your wallet will thank you. Read More 

Three Ways To Help Protect Your Aging Roof During The Rainy Spring Season

If your roof has seen better days, you may want to consult with a professional, like Surface Shield Protective Coatings, about replacing the shingles and underlying membrane. However, if you aren't quite ready to update your old roof, you'll need to protect it this spring. The spring season is known for excessive rain, which can be very hard on an aging roof. Thankfully, with these strategies, you can minimize the wear and tear on your roof and also decrease the chances of a leak developing. Read More 

Three Great Benefits Of Green Roofs

One of the most radical innovations in the world of environmentally friendly roof design, green roofs can also be said to be one of the more aesthetially appealing ideas in the field. But what practical value would a green roof present to your house or business? Here are three ways in which a green roof can provide protection and other benefits that other roofing materials could only dream of. 1. Stormwater management Read More 

3 Ways To Protect Your New Vinyl Siding

Installing new vinyl siding on your home comes at a big expense, but one well worth the investment. After you have the vinyl siding installed, you want to do everything possible to keep it looking as it does the first day. Here, you will find some tips that can help you protect your vinyl siding and keep it looking great. Trim Shrubs and Trees The trees and shrubs around your home must be trimmed anytime the branches begin to touch the side of your house. Read More 

Roofers And The Post Christmas Blues

When the ever increasing buildup of Christmas peaks then comes to a sudden halt after the big day, many people experience post-holiday blues, as life returns to normal and holiday bills start to arrive. Nobody experiences more post-Christmas blues than your local roofing contractors. They must deal with the immediate aftermath of roof and gutter damage rendered by over-enthused homeowners who desire to have their Christmas lights to be bright enough to be visible from space, and attempt to adorn their roofs and gutters with every conceivable type of decoration. Read More