3 Great Accessories To Utilize When Working On Your Roof

In order to keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible, there are certain things you have to do to it. To make these DIY repair jobs go according to plan, you can use these roofing accessories. Ladder Hook Perhaps one of the most difficult and dangerous aspects of repairing your roof is getting on it. This doesn't have to be scary anymore when you secure a ladder hook to your ladder. Read More 

Commercial Metal Roofing: Important Maintenance Dos And Don’ts

Metal roofing is a popular type for commercial buildings due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, like any other type of roofing, there are some important maintenance dos and don'ts that owners of commercial buildings must keep in mind. This way, they can prolong the life of their metal roofing and avoid the need for costly repairs or even replacement in the long run. DO Inspect for Corrosion and Rust Read More 

How To Prevent Winter Ice Damage To Your Roof

The winter season can be a great time for your business, especially if you have a retail store where families want to enjoy shopping for the holiday. Unfortunately, your business property takes quite a beating during the winter, especially your roof. Ice damage is a definite risk when the temperatures drop, especially with the ice dams. Here are some tips for preventing ice damage to your roof.  Keep Your Gutters Clean  Read More 

Sensible And Smart Choices When It Comes To Replacing Your Roofing

Try some inventive and sensible choices when you replace your roofing, and there are many alluring options available widely. Not only do these take an environmentally-friendly approach to roofing refurbishment, but these strategies also provide a durable roof that will bring style and longevity to your home. Talk with contractors about contemporary solutions that are kind to the environment, and that fit within your project budget.  Think about these environmentally-friendly alternatives: Read More 

Saving For A Drainy Day: Drainage Systems For Green Roofs

If you own a commercial building onto which you're installing a green roof, listen up: El Nino is looking more and more likely for the winter of 2015-2016, and that means a lot of rain in much of the country. If you are going to install a permanent green roof -- in other words, those plants are staying outside no matter what -- you must ensure that the drainage systems are working well. Read More