Rudolph Hoof Damage And The Roof Repairs Needed After Santa’s Sleight Flies Away

As the children watch Santa Tracker with Rudolph leading the sleigh, the roof of your office building may need maintenance to protect against damage during winter weather. You want to make sure that the maintenance gets done to avoid many of the common causes of winter roof damage, wear, and leaks. Here are some repairs and improvements to help deal with holiday roof repairs this year. 1. The Ice That Causes Damage to Roofs During Winter Weather Read More 

3 Essential Reasons To Repair Your Roof Right Now

Have you been wondering if your roof is ready for winter? Are you suspecting that you might have a leak but it hasn't been "serious enough" for you to actually do anything about it? Many people try to avoid thinking about their roof for as long as possible. They put things off and put things off until they can no longer ignore the drips that come through their ceiling when it rains. Read More 

3 Tips for Getting Your Roof Ready for the Winter

The key to getting the most out of your home will rest in the things you do. You'll want to continually take care of your property if you wish for it to stand the test of time. Of course, one of the most critical components of your home is the roof. However, it's a fact that your roof can take a beating, and this can lead to problems occurring sooner rather than later. Read More 

How You Can Prevent Your Commercial Roof from Damage during the Winter

The cold temperatures of winter bring a lot of conditions that can affect your roof. All it takes is a single bad storm to cause major damage, which can be costly to repair. That's why you need to prepare your commercial roof and make sure it's protected from upcoming winter weather conditions. Here are some tips for what you should be doing to prevent damage during the winter season.  Seal Cracks Read More 

Indications That You Need To Call A Roofer

If your home is no longer new, you have probably already had to repair or replace various components of the structure. However, if you have never had issues with your roof, you may not know when this important area of your home needs professional attention. Here are a few indications that it's time to contact a roofer. Darkened Shingles Shingles tend to appear darker in color as they absorb moisture. If your shingles look dark or wet and the day has not been rainy, the shingles may no longer be offering your home proper protection from moisture. Read More